ERP software solution for Wholesale Distributors.

ERP software solution for Wholesale Distributors

What is ERP Software?

ERP is a tool for managing information. Information management is the organized collection storage and use of information for the benefit of the company or enterprise. We know that you have a customer database or CRM or something to manage your orders. An accounting system, spreadsheet, and manual process to manage your information. But the thing is they are not interlinked. Are they? Or they do not share information.

How it can help you?

The ERP centralizes all the information in your organization, so it will be easier for you to cause all your business processes will be connected. So, the other thing becomes easier. You have a single view of your customer, so you can provide more efficient service. Your teamwork will be more efficient because they will have all the information they need. And the most important thing is when you want to analyze all the information since it is in one place you can report on it any way you want. So, this is ERP does for you.

How can Zylererp help you grow your business?

  • Zylererp cloud ERP software can help you to see Real-time stock visibility for easy inventory management. That will help you to
  • Reduced inventory costs. It gives you real-time accounting information that means Real-time visibility into the financial health of your business with fully integrated ERP accounting.
  • Automate entire sales processes from Enquiry to Quotation.
  • Zylererp helps you minimize freight and shipping costs while exceeding customer expectations.

These things are helpful to grow your business. And you can see up to the minute sales, stoke on hand, backorders received, delivery status, and even order tracking. You will be able to see the pipeline of opportunities, sales rep activities, lead conversion rates, and KPIs across the whole business on one page.

You will be able to know the sales position at any time. You will be able to forecast stock purchasing. This will definitely improve the cash flow. You can keep expanding your business further. Sales will be booming.

Zylererp offers a new SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud hosting option, that will definitely give customers a wider edge of when & how they can connect to their server. This will allow customers to connect from any sort of internet-connected web browser or device. With this SaaS model, a user can constantly be up to date with the newest version of the software. As all server maintenance is done remotely by the Zylererp staff, the SaaS option frees up some of your IT staff for other projects.

As you can see, how we can help you with your business or your company to grow. Zylererp's cloud software can boost your business. And more importantly, Zylererp ERP has been built with extensive security protections, which are regularly updated based on the always-changing threat environment, so you do not need to worry about it at all.