1. How can I see a demo of Zyler ERP?

The Zyler ERP demo shows Zyler in action!

Learn how Zyler ERP helps streamline operations, improve efficiency, and lower costs in the distribution industry. The Zyler ERP demo video also shows how it supports its users in various work areas, e.g. management, souring, sales, finance.

Get a glimpse of how Zyler ERP helps you to cope with your daily business challenges.

You can request a personal online demo using the Request a Demo form.

2. What benefits does Zyler ERP offer?
Zyler ERP is a modern, flexible ERP solution that can be easily customized to fit the specific needs of each unique company. Zyler offers many benefits that make it sustainable for the long term, including its ability to upgrade to new versions while keeping all its customizations intact. Zyler ERP offers all the core functions of an ERP like sales, Purchase, Sourcing, Finance, KPI Dashboard specific to small and medium wholesale distributors.
3. Who is the Zyler ERP software designed for?
Zyler ERP is designed for small and mid-sized Wholesale Distribution companies. Companies that have unique/specific business operations requirements might be looking for a solution like Zyler ERP because our software can accommodate particular requirements and adapt to environments that are original and ever-changing. Regardless of industry, the software is designed for businesses that are looking to optimize their processes and ensure that they are reaching their enormous potential.
4. Are customizations possible?
Zyler ERP is a solution that caters to your company’s specific business needs by allowing you to make customizations. Zyler ERP software can be customized as much or as little as a company desire and can be fine-tuned after implementation. Since Zyler ERP’s infrastructure was designed in three isolated layers, users can upgrade their system while keeping all their customizations intact. Zyler ERP software is extremely adaptable to evolving business trends, allowing the solution to change and grow as your business grows.
5. How much does Zyler ERP cost?
The Zyler ERP implementation costs can vary greatly, as they are dependent on the number of users, the complexity of the business processes, and the data migration. The costs are also influenced by the desired functions and the necessary adjustments.
6. Which operating system does Zyler ERP run on?
Zyler ERP uses Linux as the server operating system. End-users of Zyler ERP access the software from a Windows-based computer or a wide variety of mobile devices. The Zyler Web client will allow users to access the software from any computer or device through a browser with internet connectivity.
7. Can current data be uploaded to the new ERP system?
You can easily transfer or convert data from any current system into Zyler ERP. Zyler ERP USA has designed an import tool that easily lets you map and transfer data via an excel or CSV file directly into Zyler, making the transition from your previous system quicker and easier.
8. Which is the right ERP system for my company?

Which ERP solution is the right one for your business naturally depends on a wide range of aspects? Your special requirements, how can your business processes be summarized, and how is your company structured? Can the company & industry-specific requirements be fulfilled? The more flexible your ERP system is, the fitter you can meet ever-changing requirements well into the millennium. If your company is growing, you need an ascendable solution that can grow with your business. In this regard, the ability of the system to run in international environments can be a decisive criterion.

TTo make the assurance about which ERP system is right for you, outset by defining your project goals and key players in the decision process, then assemble and prioritize your requirements - process requirements and technical items. This is a good point to decide on a method for vendor calculation. Most companies kick-off with 5-10 ERP vendors that they conduct initiation research on before narrowing it down to the top 2-4. These vendors show you a complete software demo, and many times, conduct an interactive workshop as well. At this point, you're qualified to move on to the proposal stage, talk to the vendors' note, and decide. By following a methodology like this, you ensure that you will select an ERP solution that's right for your company.

9. How is the customer supported after implementation?
After the implementation process will complete, we keep our customers engaged by providing various opportunities for them to continue the learning process of Zyler ERP. Customers can attend interactive guidance and workshops where they can ask questions and learn both basic and in depths skills of how to use Zyler ERP. There is also a Zyler users group on LinkedIn where users can communicate and work with other Zyler ERP users to solve problems and learn from each other about how to work their ERP systems. The Zyler support team is always available for users to call in and ask any questions they may have about their ERP system. Zyler USA also holds the Zyler 360 USA User Conference every year to provide users with opportunities to ask questions, learn from each other, and discover the tips and tricks of Zyler ERP over a few days.
10. Can we add new users later?
Yes, with Zyler ERP, you can add users later. In the original contract, there is a set number of users and an agreed-upon price per additional user added later. Unlike many other systems in this regard, Zyler ERP is flexible and entirely scalable. The ERP system adjusts to match your company structure. Additional licenses can be added at any time. Companies that rely on Zyler can grow and develop, without leaving the system behind.
11. Do I need special training to start working on Zyler ERP?
Training is an essential part of successfully resolve a new ERP system. The well-trained customer knows how to use an ERP solution with confidence. They are efficient, highly motivated, and often invent new ways to save time and raise business processes. Whether you are new to Zyler or already an expert, we offer training courses for all experience levels, job functions, and learning styles. And thanks to our adviser extensive project knowledge, you can be certain the experience they impart is pertinent and applicable. Some of our most engaging classes include FOP 101 and 201, where users learn to program custom reports and fields, Ad Hoc Reporting, Finance Bootcamp, Data Query, and an inventory management course called Inventory, Purchasing & Stocktaking.
12. Is Zyler ERP available with cloud hosting?
Zyler offers a new SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud hosting option, which will give customers a wider range of how and when they can connect to their server. The solution will allow customers to connect from any internet-connected web browser or device. With the SaaS model, users will be constantly up to date with the latest version of the software, and because all server maintenance is done remotely by the Zyler ERP staff, the SaaS option frees up your IT staff for other projects.
13. What is the Zyler Security strategy in terms of ERP?
Zyler ERP has been built with extensive security protections, which are regularly updated based on the always-changing threat environment. However, to protect our customers, we do not discuss the details of our security strategy on our public website. During the demo and discovery phase of the selection process, your sales rep can put you in touch with Zyler technical and security experts who can give you detailed information on the software's security measures.