Company Profile

Main Operation

In this competitive business world, every venture is constantly scouting for ways to streamline their processes and are always on the lookout for options that will provide them with all their desired features at a reasonable price.

Enter Zylererp which is a leading ERP solution provider for small businesses which are determined to develop themselves and surpass their own benchmarks. It is a fully customizable all in one wholesale and distribution ERP software that delivers on the commitments made.

We provide a wholesale business management solution that :

  • Enhances the efficiency of the Sales process through effective tracking, forecasting, lead management, demand planning, etc.
  • Increases the product profitability and in turn impacts the organizational profitability.
  • Eases the cumbersome billing process with a specially designed wholesale billing software.
  • Credibly handles all the stock related operations using our wholesale stock management module.
  • Efficiently handles finance and the different financial reports and documents.
  • Handles the Warehouse Management process expertly through our uniquely designed WMS module.
  • Effectively and efficiently streamlines the entire supply chain.

And a plethora of other options to choose from and implement.

Why we are unique?

Uniqueness is our forte and we always try to excel ourselves. We are always better than yesterday by planning in advance for tomorrow.

We believe that the ability to combine both the interior and exterior operations and maintaining an information lifeline across the entire organization can help in planning the business processes well in advance and optimally. Our exceptional software for wholesale business takes care of all these.

Our unmatched ERP business solution provides -

  • Continuous and uninterrupted supervision and surveillance of sales and revenue.
  • Effective management of the customer care and customer service strategies.
  • Minimization of freight and shipping costs while surpassing customer expectations.
  • Monitoring the financial health of the business with a fully integrated accounting system.
  • Effortless management of the inventory with a specially engineered Wholesale Inventory Management Software.
  • The total ERP platform is designed segmentally and thus provides the option of being used as a whole package or for individual modules.

We consider each and every one of our customer as a part of our extended family and strive to provide the best possible experience for them.

We handle ERP with a heart.

Our Customer Base

The Zyler ERP is mainly designed exclusively for small-scale and mid-scale wholesale distribution companies. Due to its wide range of customizable features that can be adapted by any company, it is widely acclaimed and preferred in the business world. Irrespective of the industry, Zyler is designed to increase the potential of the company and helps it to realize its latent and hidden potential.

Our wholesale and retail management software is ideal for the dietary industry. Companies can use our complete ERP business solution or individual modules especially tailored for optimal results.